We are grateful to all the people and organisations that provided input during this review. We would particularly like to thank the individuals, organisations and government departments with whom we consulted, who made submissions or who expressed their views during our consultation meetings.

In relation to Part 1 of this Report, the Commission particularly wants to acknowledge the Hon David Collins for the support he gave this project while he was Solicitor General.

We are also grateful to members of the bench, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, who met with us to discuss the issues addressed in this Report. In addition, the Commission was fortunate to speak with several experienced overseas practitioners (in both the United Kingdom and Canada) with an interest in the matters covered in Part 2 of the Report. We are particularly grateful for their time and input.

A list of those who provided comments, including through formal submissions, can be found in Appendix 4.

We are grateful for the valuable contribution of the Parliamentary Counsel Office. We would like to acknowledge the work of Amy Orr, Parliamentary Counsel, on the draft Bill included in the Report.

The Commissioner responsible for this reference is Dr Geoff McLay. The senior legal and policy advisers for this Report were Jo Dinsdale, Eliza Prestidge-Oldfield and Adam Rossiter.

We also acknowledge the contribution of present and past legal and policy advisers who have undertaken work on the two projects reported on in this Report: Allison Bennett, Marion Clifford, Sophie Klinger, Peter McRae, Kate Salmond and Lisa Yarwood.